Design. Develop. Build.

The Design.Develop.Build. Program integrates inventive pragmatism with an open discourse to support experimental thinking. This methodology has formed a new study typology where, as part of their academic studies, students learn how to implement highly conceptualized ideas realistically, by moving from theory into practice.

Through this process, students are involved in all phases of a construction project taking the design from conception to completion. Off-site, they are there from the first design sketches and models to detailed design plans. On-site, they participate in every aspect of the building process, from constructing foundations to the cladding of a building. Students work with unskilled members of the community, learning how to handle different construction materials and their specific applications. Students learn to develop a strong awareness of the built environment of another culture, while evaluating the adequateness of applied construction methods.

The experience of the BUILD TOGETHER – LEARN TOGETHER principle not only influenced the teachers and students, but also the consulting companies, sponsors and clients of the different projects.